Does a free trip to Bermuda sound good? How about partying with celebrities? Maybe you just want an excuse to dress in drag in a professional-level production?


The Hasty Pudding Theatricals is a Harvard student organization made up of over 50 Harvard undergrads. The company is broken down into five parts: Band, Business Staff, Cast, Creative, & Tech. Joining the Pudding was the best decision I made at Harvard and I could not imagine college without it. You should comp too.


Details: Band seeks out talented and fun individuals to fill our 11 person group. We hold independent auditions run by our Band VP and Musical Director. Auditions consist of a prepared piece, sight reading, and improvisation.

Contact: Ben Sperling – BAND VP – [email protected]



Details: Our comp is one of the longest and most challenging comps at Harvard, however it is the most rewarding. Our Business Staff consists of 12 incredibly close members, each with an individual position. Together, they manage all the company’s finances, ticket sales, ad sales, tour to Bermuda, and much more. So, while the comp is filled with social events and other fun activities, it is also an unparalleled professional experience. Try it out and see if it’s right for you!

When: The comp spans both first and second semesters. Compers are welcome to join at any time!

Contact: Molly Chiang & Lucy Goldfarb – PRODUCERS – [email protected]



Details: Cast is objectively the most fun part of the company. We hold auditions every year run by our Cast VP, authors, and director for the twelve spots on cast. Performing in the Hasty Pudding is one of the most intense and rewarding creative experiences on Harvard’s campus.

Contact: Lyndsey Mugford – CAST VP – [email protected]



Details: Our creative team is made up of 7 individuals. The team is broken down into two authors, a lyricist, a composer, an assistant choreographer, and a poster artist.

When: Script, lyrics, composer, and choreographer comps are all held in the Spring. The Poster comp is held in the Fall.

Contact: Nick Amador – PRESIDENT – [email protected]



Details: The most fun group on campus. No experience required. No experience preferred.

Contact: Diego Farrell – TECH VP – [email protected]